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History! It is important is so many ways! Studying history helps us understand the foundations of societies, cultures, families, corporations and individuals! Reviewing history creates

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Guardians of Change!

“Change – whether imposed, as a result of natural life progressions or self-initiated – often presents challenges that require practical, proactive and creative action!” This

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The First Choice!

The First Choice! Often we allow Life to make our first choice of the day for us! It happens one day, then the next, then

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One Never Knows!

One Never Knows! In the blink of an eye! At the drop of a hat! That’s exactly how long it can take for life to

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Defining Greatness!

The Crow Nation has a proverb that states, “You already possess everything necessary to become great!” That is “Simply” Profound! How often do we find

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Greetings! On Thursday June 6, 2013 I celebrated my 60th year on this rock! It doesn’t seem possible that I have been around that long

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When In Doubt . . .

Doubt! How do you handle doubts when they crop up? Do you treat them as irritants? Do you allow them to immobilize your thoughts or

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence! Domestic violence exists in all socioeconomic levels; all Faiths; all cultures; all societies; in more families than we care to acknowledge! Domestic violence

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Worth Considering!

Greetings! Questions are powerful tools in our hands when we know how to use them ~ especially when we ask questions of ourselves! I have

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