Ten Surefire Strategies to Live a Better Life!

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Ten Surefire Strategies To Live A Better Life

Ten Surefire Strategies to Live a Better Life!

Creating a better life! Who doesn’t want to do that? Often we find ourselves settling for less than what is possible! We find ourselves bogged down by self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold us back – keep us from moving toward our personal and professional goals! One of my guesses as to what causes us to remain stuck in those beliefs and behaviors is that we convince ourselves that the solutions are just too complex and confusing! Ten Surefire Strategies challenges that notion and creates a road map for personal success!

In the ten chapters that make up this book, you will explore the power of struggling with purpose when things fall apart. You will learn when and how to grab the glue when perspective is shattered and understand the necessity of purposeful transition. You will discover how relationships matter in the mix of life and that you really can just do it – whatever “it” might be! You will understand how to fight fate and banish worry from your kingdom! You will come to know the power of doing just one thing!

Each chapter contains stories of individuals just like you and me. People faced with every day challenges that often appeared insurmountable; people who found ways to move through their Mean Time events and create a life filled with possibility.