Echoes & Whispers A Tale of Discovery

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Echoes and Whispers

Echoes & Whispers - A Tale of Discovery

Having emerged from an exhilarating and mind-blowing experience that challenged Jeannie to face her fear, she was confident that nothing could stand in her way! She believed that her single trip into the Place of Passage was sufficient enough to last her the remainder of her life! That, however, was a faulty assumption.

Imagine, if you will, feeling so depressed and hopeless that you find yourself plastered to the floor . . . unable to move; unable to think; unable to believe. This is the situation in which Jeannie finds herself – poised on the Edge and completely bereft of hope or direction. Just when she begins to believe that nothing will change she comes face-to-face with herself and enters into a World of Wonder and Mystery. On Jeannie’s second journey into the Place of Passage she finds herself on a path of Discovery – discovery of purpose; discovery of ancient and eternal truths; discovery of inherent worth.

Join Jeannie as you walk your own personal path of discovery . . . through the Place of Passage.