Dark Light – A Tale of Purpose

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Dark Light

Dark Light - A Tale of Purpose

In the five years since her first excursion into The Place of Passage, Jeannie had become accustomed to strange interludes into and through that Place Between Places. Sometimes she was summoned there by her ethereal mentor and guide – Barry-Darth-Daddy – while at other times she simply spoke a special set of words that transported her there. Although most of Jeannie’s excursions into The Place resulted in positive interventions in the lives of others, there were times that she entered with a heavy heart, seeking consolation and comfort from Barry-Darth-Daddy. On those trips, she was reminded that life in the Temporal could be cold and confusing at times. On those trips, she found herself questioning whether or not her presence in the world made any difference at all. Each time she emerged from such an encounter, she did so with renewed faith that even the simplest acts of kindness would ultimately negate the hurtful effects of painful life events.

She had indeed experienced much over the past five years. Her life had become fuller, richer and more complete as a result of connection with The Place. The lives of others she encountered along the way were equally more complete and purposeful. She felt blessed to have been a part of such amazing events.

On this particular journey, Jeannie struggles to differentiate right from wrong; good from evil; dark from light. She encounters unimaginable obstacles that threaten to snuff out the light of purpose she has worked so diligently to create. She discovers the power of stepping into another person’s nightmare in order to clarify life purpose. And, she begins to understand the unique connection between Dark and Light.

Join Jeannie as she descends into the Darkness and finds Purpose as she learns to walk with the Light . . . through the Place of Passage.