Tune In To The Abundance Mentality

There are essentially two mindsets that drive what we do on a daily basis. These mindsets are present in every area of our lives – family, work, school, personal relationships, economic, political, religious – they infiltrate everything! What are these two mindsets? The first is the Mindset of Scarcity and the second is the Mindset of Abundance. For further clarity, let’s define each.

Simply put, the Scarcity Mindset is the belief that there will never be enough — enough money, food, emotions, business, time, resources or almost anything else — and as a result, actions and thoughts stem from a place of lack. There’s just not enough and FEAR drives the boat!

On the other hand, with an Abundance Mindset, you believe there’s plenty for everyone. There’s more than enough resources, prestige, and happiness to go around. A sense of Optimism about the future drives this boat. A belief exists that things will work out even if there are bumps along the way.

Very often when pressures push us or uncertainty usurps our sense of security, we find ourselves Squeezed into Scarcity. We begin to believe that resources and options and opportunities are drying up. Scarcity often causes us to withdraw; hunker down; close our ranks; guard our resources; gather and hoard. We become misers of sorts. Or we allow Scarcity to push in the opposite direction. We push back; act impulsively; Leap without Looking!

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” Wow! That presents the idea that Abundance is Everywhere (pun intended)! It’s like radio waves pulsing through the air and all we have to do is learn to “tune in” to enjoy the benefits!

How are we to make this shift? How to we actually “Tune In To the Abundance Mindset?” We have to begin by seeing ourselves and our world a little differently. We have to make a shift in perspective. Not a major shift . . . just a bit! We have a tendency to “see what we look for!” We have to change our “Look For!”

Here are three things we can do to begin LOOKING for Abundance in our lives: (1) Create an awareness of our personal abundance! You see, we all have an abundance of something. We just have to become aware of that abundance. (2) Practice Gratitude through word and action (Giving is one of the best ways I know to practice Gratitude)! (3) Find ways to create win-win outcomes! If everyone walks away feeling satisfied with some part of the equation, then everyone has experienced a sense of Abundance!

There you have it! A few simple thoughts about shifting from the Scarcity Mentality to the Abundance Mentality!

Live more Abundantly! You and those around you will be glad you have!


Mark E. Hundley


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