Guardians of Change!

“Change – whether imposed, as a result of natural life progressions or self-initiated – often presents challenges that require practical, proactive and creative action!” This is a direct quote from one of the pages on the McKinney Counseling Services website!

I’m not sure any of us really revel in the inevitability of change – not really. We often find ourselves seduced by sameness, familiarity and that which is comfortable. And yet . . . change is a definite and natural part of life! We can either fight or learn to flow with change – especially when we recognize that we are the guardians of how we approach change!

The late Stephen Covey said, “Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside.” Even when change asserts itself upon us through natural disasters, financial upheaval, social uncertainty, personal choice or natural life progression, the outcome of those changes lies within each of us.

As Mr. Covey said, we guard the gate of change and are in charge of opening it from the inside!

My challenge for all of us today is this . . . Open the Gate! Embrace! Explore! Examine! Decide!


Mark Hundley

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